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Prune those trees and shrubs!

Now is the time when our thoughts turn to working in our yards. Shrubs and trees can cause damage when they rub against siding and roofing materials. Vines can grow behind or under siding and roofing and cause damage.

Prune shrubs and trees 12 inches away from roof and siding. This will help promote adequate ventilation and prevent moisture buildup. Pruning also allows the home owner to see possible trouble spots before they cause real damage.

Make sure that bark dust and soil do not build up against siding, this can cause rot and pest infestation problems. Try to maintain 5 inches of clearance from siding to soil.

Soil around the house should slope away from the house in order to promote proper drainage. This is not always possible but may help in houses with wet basements or crawl spaces.

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Last Updated: January 13, 2003